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This site is currently built on Jekyll. I had a few requirements in switching my site over, and one of the big ones was being able to break content out into categories. While the first part was pretty easy, there was no way to paginate posts in a category into multiple pages. Luckily, it wasn't hard to create a plug-in to fix that.
The one feature that I was going to miss the most when moving to Jekyll was having a full-text search for my site. But with a little study, it turns out I was able to get a rudimentary search going with JQuery.
One of my big hurdles in moving to Jekyll was making sure that people that stumbled across old URLs for my site would get to the new content. Creating redirects in Jekyll turned out to be a snap.
One of the features that I needed to add to Jekyll was the ability to easily group a collection of posts as a series. This entry describes how to add that functionality.
I've created a jekyll plugin to easily import photosets from my Flickr account into posts. In this article I walk-through the code and integration.
Some angels visited me in a dream and told me to get off my Microsoft high horse. They told me to go to http://www.rubyonrails.com. I think I may have seen the light. I was getting really tired of the .NET framework being either ridiculously high-level with widgets that made your page look and act like a dorky .NET site or ridiculously low-level where you had to write a bunch of code for pretty standard database/middle-tier transactions.