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David and I are getting a beach house on Fire Island! For some reason, I didn't want to jinx it, so I've been doing a terrible job of not talking about the impending purchase to anyone. We just got an email from the bank that we are all set to close on Friday, so I think it's safe to make this 100% public!
Gogo, Oz, and I are in day 4 of our week out on the island. David and Rodrigo joined us on the first night and day, then our friends Kevin and Jeff came for the next two days. I really appreciated the company, because it took me a while to adjust to island life. Also, I like their company.
Up until yesterday, Gogo and Oz had been great on the island. I could let them off leash without any fear of them running away. That ended yesterday.
The past two years, I've rented a place on Fire Island for a week - specifically, in Cherry Grove. Previously, I had taken the pups out, got a 2 bedroom unit, and attempted to get work or writing done.
As I slog through what is turning out to be the longest winter of my life, my mind keeps returning to one thing over and over: Peace House. Any free moment my brain has, it begins to daydream about projects I can start this year.