My cruelty knows no bounds...

I posted this photo as an experiment. Does my mother ever visit my site? My hope is that she starts hearing "nice photo" from her brothers and sisters before she finds this. It is a good photo of Lorenz. And just to help her out, I bumped the date up to something more recent.

Send me an email, Mom, and I'll be happy to take it down!

I have a slew of photos from our visit to Springfield that I just discovered. Here's the whole set:

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In August of 2006, my sister, Christine, came to New York for a conference with my five month old nephew, Lorenz. We got him to ourselves over the weekend, so we hired a baby-sitter: the sitter of a friend of ours, Rhonda. And to add to the excitement, Gogo and Oz's breeder came to town on Saturday with her husband and their 8 month old baby, Ian. It was to be known as...
In 2013, my nephew Lorenz gave me a homemade book of some of the travels that we had been on together.