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David is in Paris and we were scheduled to see "The Magic Flute" at the Metropolitan Opera. Since we ran out of time to exchange them, we had the choice of donating them to the opera for a tax-deductible donation or scalping them. I decided it would be fun to try scalping.
Last weekend was one of those perfect summer days in NYC - blue skies, billowy clouds that show off every last detail, and not too sweltering. Mr. R and Benji were in town, so I asked them if they wanted to go on a short cruise to see the NYC Waterfalls. The answer was yes and David agreed.
Here are photos from our second photo walk. This walk was done in and around Bryant Park. The clouds were wreaking havoc with our settings, so we had to be nimble - and many of my photos came out too dark.
Kevin had just started radiation. We wanted to do something special on the weekend. Our plans were to go to the Bronx Zoo, but the weather was not good and neither was Kevin's energy level. So we decided to go to the Central Park Zoo instead. We invited our friends Bob & Larry.
I came from Israel with many goals. One of them was to lose my extra weight. It's gotta go. Another goal was to enjoy more of NYC. I was definitely in a day-to-day rut. So I decided that one of the things that I could do to combat both of those was to ride a bicycle around town more often. I talked to my friend Jeff about starting to trade out days at the gym with long bike rides. We could bike along the water-front, we could bike to new neighborhoods, etc.
A couple of weekends ago, Evan & Renee (Gogo & Oz's breeders) came to New York City for a visit. They had two of their dogs competing in the Westminster Dog Show. I was able to tag along for the Canaan Dog competition.
I figure I'll get bored of posting the weekly CSA haul, but when I was looking for a CSA, I couldn't find any information about what was in the CSA from week to week. So maybe these posts will help someone else. Also, so far I've had something every week that I have never seen before in my life. So there's some food education going on here as well. Here's the note from the CSA about this week's produce:
I often get asked what's currently running in the NYC theater scene, so I decided to put it in a blog post for anyone else that may be interested.
This year, David and I signed up for a CSA - which stands for "Community Supported Agriculture". It's a way for those of us living in New York City to get a weekly supply of organic and locally grown veggies every week. The share is roughly $450 and lasts for 24 weeks. We also signed up for a fruit share, which starts later in the year.
I had a treat today. Outside my office window, I was visited by two blue jays. I had been seeing them around the neighborhood recently, but these two hung out for quite a while just a foot outside my window. They didn't even seem bothered by my movement to get a camera and take photos.